I am a new EVS volunteer in Sweden, yay!


The first sentence that I want to say before starting my EVS story is that I am unbelievable happy to join a big family of EVS volunteers!
Let the next EVS story start! As well as the proverb says “We are alike, but all are different ” every EVS volunteer is very unique, full of life and energy. With a big desire to devote a whole year for totally new culture and new people.
I am a volunteer and i am not an exception, I am just an ordinary girl from the small, beautiful and warm city of Osh, which situated in The South of Kyrgyzstan. There I was born, grow up, study and enjoy my life. This year I am going to celebrate my 20th birthday in one of amazing, beautiful and interesting city, in Lund, Sweden. It was my dream to be somewhere in Europe, when I am gonna be in my 20th. Also, the fact that I am going to work as an EVS volunteer in Tamam makes me feel myself really excited. I have been to Sweden once before, in 2011 with 5 more girls from “Youth of Osh” where, actually I was volunteering. I can say that these 7 days were not enough for me to enjoy Swedish life and I felt in love with Lund. It was spring time and everything was blooming, even air was flowering. I liked the enigmatic and old buildings with flowers growing on them. I found this city safe, people are open minded and the main thing what i liked is that most of people take care of their health!

I have a very big expectations about this country and my future project. I am extremely interested in working with Tamam and CAG. Participating in a social life of Lund, getting experience of writing and realizing projects, living abroad, get to know culture of Scandinavian countries, new language, to make new friends – does it sounds awesome? To my mind it is that very thing, which I was waiting for.

Moreover, doing Evropean Volunteer Service in Sweden Is one of the best chances for me to feel myself a little bit as a citizen of the world. Being an EVS volunteer is not just a coincidence, because i had many steps to come to this place, and I am happy. In Osh I used to realize social projects about developing debates, volunteering and project in the sphere of journalism. One of my projects was supported by the program of Soros Foundation “Youth Action Fund”.

While I am in Sweden, I want to improve my skills of photographing. I want to check all facts about Swedish culture and people and share with others.

P.S: My name is Aida, my friends call me Aida, and you may also call me Aida


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