Tomorrow early in the morning we are going to Poland to the city of Lagnisa to take part in 2 days training in the frame of Grundtvig project.

There are 6 of us from Sweden; Filippa, Gustaf, Necco, Ali, Nurzaada and me. We are going to take part in the workshops of trainers from other countries. We have got a chance to meet with participants of Grundtvig project from the countries like Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Hungary, Turkey, Romania and Poland. I think it’s just a great chance to get to know more about european people.

Gustaf and Necco are going to drive mini buss turn by turn. I have never travelled in mini buss before, and moreover It’s my first trip around Europe in the frame of EVS. So, I feel that this trip to Poland will be full of adventures and fun.

Furthermore we are going to spend one day in Berlin! It makes me amazingly happy:)

All information about Grundtvig project and other staff I will post later.



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