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We are currently looking for volunteers for an EVS project in Sweden. This project will enable two young persons from Kyrgyzstan to go to Malmö, Sweden, for a one year period and work with the two Swedish NGOs Centralasiengrupperna and Tamam. The placement will start in August/September 2014.


EVS (European Voluntary Service) provides young people with the unique chance to express their personal commitment through unpaid and full-time voluntary activities in a foreign country within or outside the EU. In this way, it seeks to develop solidarity, mutual understanding and tolerance among young people, thus contributing to reinforcing social cohesion in the European Union and to promoting young people’s active citizenship. All expenses related to the volunteer service is financed by the EU. More information about EVS can be found at:

During the placement in Sweden the two volunteers will work approximately 70 % in the NGO Centralasiengrupperna and 30 % in the NGO Tamam.

In Centralasiengrupperna ( the volunteers will:

— Take part in our regular trainings, study circles, language cafés, educational seminars and workshops in Malmö. — Contribute with developing the long-term collaboration between Centralasiengrupperna and local partners in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.
— Assist with bigger projects and events of Centralasiengrupperna in Sweden, for example conferences, exchange programs, campaigns and our annual meeting.
— Develop personal initiatives and projects within the organizational framework of Centralasiengrupperna.
— Support the Centralasiengrupperna main office with various administrational tasks such as writing project applications.

In Tamam ( the volunteers will:
— Be involved in local anti-rasist campaigns and projects in the southern parts of Sweden.
— Take part in in different Tamam groups in Lund/Malmö, southern Sweden, targeting immigrant youth and children. For example; homework support, study visits, camps/excursions and other activities.
— Functioning as contact persons for youth speaking Kyrgyz, Uzbek or Russian languages.

The possiblity to learn the Swedish language will be provided during the service period. To be eligible for applying you should:

  • Be 20-30 years old.
  • Speak English fluently.
  • Have experience of working with grass root organizations within the field of Human Rights, Democracy, Gender and/or Youth issues.
  • You should feel comfortable living abroad for a year.

The deadline for sending in the application is 16th of June. Please attach your CV and a personal letter, describing why you are interested in participating within this project (in English), and send it to!

We are looking forward to hear from you! If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Board of Centralasiengrupperna


Not an ordinary party in Lund.


Internationen is a unique cultural and integrational event that aimed to bridge social segregation and to create meeting place where both students and non-students could meet and make new friends and contacts. Internationen is organized every year in one of the student nations in Lund.

As far as Lund is famous with its oldest university in Europe and it certainly offers lot´s of events for students.
However, if you are not living a student life in a student city, it is kind of tough to go out, because there are not more than 3 clubs and a few pubs. Of course, you can go either to Malmö, it will take you only 20 minutes to get there, or you can go to Copenhagen. In most of the cases people choice to go to Copenhagen, i like that as well. It is completely different atmosphere and different people…but lets go back to Lund:)

Student nations are the unique part of student life that exist in Lund. There are more than 12 nations in Lund.  

The aim of these nations were to create a meeting place for students that came from specific provinces and share the same backgrounds. Every nation named after specific place of Sweden. Although the nations  preserve their geographic names, students may enroll in any nation they want.

In most cases it does not matter what nation one enrolls in, but different nations offer different activities for interested students.   
In short:

  • Each nation has student housing.
  • Each nation has different activities for students interested in sports, arts, or partying.
  • All activities within the nations are voluntary.    
  • Almost each nation has pub evenings with a following night clubs, and it is organized at least ones per a week.
  • Prices are very low compared to regular establishments in Lund. You can get a lunch for a great price.

The point of telling about student nations is that Internationen is the only one opportunity for non-students/immigrants to visit one of these nations and meet up different people, regardless race, sex, nationality and career or educational background. 

So, this time Internationen is going to be organized @Krischan nation on the 7th of April, at 18:00.

You are always welcome. Изображение

In case you missed it: Day 2 at TED2014

In case you missed it: Day 2 at TED2014

TED Blog

Chris Anderson interviews Edward Snowden on a telepresence robot. Chris Anderson interviews Edward Snowden on a telepresence robot. Photo: Bret Hartman

So what went down at TED on day two? Well, a lot, as it happens. As curator Chris Anderson commented rather tiredly later, «that was the most intense day of TED I can remember, ever.» Here, a lightning round-up of some of the day’s key moments.

Edward Snowden trundles onto stage
The first big surprise of the day when a small robot rolled onto stage, operated by the infamous hacker, Edward Snowden. What followed: a fascinating Q&A with Anderson that tackled security, surveillance and society. (We rushed the edit of this talk, so you can watch the whole thing here.) One other only-at-TED moment: a mention of Tim Berners-Lee’s call for an online bill of rights. «Tim’s here. Want to come up onstage?» With that, the father of the web vaulted onto the stage and took part…

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Грустная после просмотра фильма «Станция «Фрутвейл»».


Я с тамамовцами сегодня сходила на просмотр фильма «Станция «Фрутвейл»».
Интересный фильм с трагическим концом (оказывается) вышел на экраны кинотеатров еще в январе этого года. А я узнала о нем и посмотрела его только 10 месяцев спустя, но не в этом дело.

Правда фильм немного трудно усвояемый, но это стоит того, чтобы за меньше чем полтора часа успеть посмеяться и поплакать. Почувствовать тревогу дочки Татьяны и боль главного героя Оскара.
Фильм основан на реальных событиях.
Советую и вам его обязательно посмотреть здесь . Но,к сожалению, качество не очень хорошее .
Приятного просмотра!

I am a new EVS volunteer in Sweden, yay!


The first sentence that I want to say before starting my EVS story is that I am unbelievable happy to join a big family of EVS volunteers!
Let the next EVS story start! As well as the proverb says “We are alike, but all are different ” every EVS volunteer is very unique, full of life and energy. With a big desire to devote a whole year for totally new culture and new people.
I am a volunteer and i am not an exception, I am just an ordinary girl from the small, beautiful and warm city of Osh, which situated in The South of Kyrgyzstan. There I was born, grow up, study and enjoy my life. This year I am going to celebrate my 20th birthday in one of amazing, beautiful and interesting city, in Lund, Sweden. It was my dream to be somewhere in Europe, when I am gonna be in my 20th. Also, the fact that I am going to work as an EVS volunteer in Tamam makes me feel myself really excited. I have been to Sweden once before, in 2011 with 5 more girls from “Youth of Osh” where, actually I was volunteering. I can say that these 7 days were not enough for me to enjoy Swedish life and I felt in love with Lund. It was spring time and everything was blooming, even air was flowering. I liked the enigmatic and old buildings with flowers growing on them. I found this city safe, people are open minded and the main thing what i liked is that most of people take care of their health!

I have a very big expectations about this country and my future project. I am extremely interested in working with Tamam and CAG. Participating in a social life of Lund, getting experience of writing and realizing projects, living abroad, get to know culture of Scandinavian countries, new language, to make new friends – does it sounds awesome? To my mind it is that very thing, which I was waiting for.

Moreover, doing Evropean Volunteer Service in Sweden Is one of the best chances for me to feel myself a little bit as a citizen of the world. Being an EVS volunteer is not just a coincidence, because i had many steps to come to this place, and I am happy. In Osh I used to realize social projects about developing debates, volunteering and project in the sphere of journalism. One of my projects was supported by the program of Soros Foundation “Youth Action Fund”.

While I am in Sweden, I want to improve my skills of photographing. I want to check all facts about Swedish culture and people and share with others.

P.S: My name is Aida, my friends call me Aida, and you may also call me Aida