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Not an ordinary party in Lund.


Internationen is a unique cultural and integrational event that aimed to bridge social segregation and to create meeting place where both students and non-students could meet and make new friends and contacts. Internationen is organized every year in one of the student nations in Lund.

As far as Lund is famous with its oldest university in Europe and it certainly offers lot´s of events for students.
However, if you are not living a student life in a student city, it is kind of tough to go out, because there are not more than 3 clubs and a few pubs. Of course, you can go either to Malmö, it will take you only 20 minutes to get there, or you can go to Copenhagen. In most of the cases people choice to go to Copenhagen, i like that as well. It is completely different atmosphere and different people…but lets go back to Lund:)

Student nations are the unique part of student life that exist in Lund. There are more than 12 nations in Lund.  

The aim of these nations were to create a meeting place for students that came from specific provinces and share the same backgrounds. Every nation named after specific place of Sweden. Although the nations  preserve their geographic names, students may enroll in any nation they want.

In most cases it does not matter what nation one enrolls in, but different nations offer different activities for interested students.   
In short:

  • Each nation has student housing.
  • Each nation has different activities for students interested in sports, arts, or partying.
  • All activities within the nations are voluntary.    
  • Almost each nation has pub evenings with a following night clubs, and it is organized at least ones per a week.
  • Prices are very low compared to regular establishments in Lund. You can get a lunch for a great price.

The point of telling about student nations is that Internationen is the only one opportunity for non-students/immigrants to visit one of these nations and meet up different people, regardless race, sex, nationality and career or educational background. 

So, this time Internationen is going to be organized @Krischan nation on the 7th of April, at 18:00.

You are always welcome. Изображение