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In the beginning of April i went to  the poorest country in Europe, country that’s well-known with its stray dogs and cats, with its Dracula and Transylvanian mountains — Romania. 

My adventure started right after I arrived to the airport of Henri Coanda in the capital of Romania — Bucharest.  

Henri Coanda —  inventor of modern engine.

I came to Bucharest to take part in the training organized by Romanian National Agency. I had to find other participants in the airport that I never seen in my life.

By the way the main topic of the 7 days training was to learn about new  Erasmus + program  and it was an amazing experience for me. But i am going to write about it later on. 

The first thing that made me think that it is really poor country and made me a little bit sad, when i came to my destination (cafe inside of the airport) to meet up other people and sat down to breathe some air on the chair of the cafe, waiter in two minutes asked me to buy something or otherwise i had to be gone ASAP. 

This situation actually reminded me Kyrgyzstan and i felt sad. 

So, after such a friendly acceptance i realized that i need to exchange money and be able to buy something 🙂

In Romania people do not use Euro, except only airport, where for the change you will get back Romanian lei. Yeah, national currency called «Lei». 

Banknotes have changed in last 2 years if i am not mistaken, and hopefully i am not. So, i want to just say that i liked Romanian «paper money» even though they do not have that much value. Anyway, they are colourful and nice!   

bancnota romania-10000-old-lei-banknote-ROL-nicolae-igora

Romania is the largest of the Balkan countries. 

I found Romania completely different comparably with other European countries. On the streets you can see people who look like Slavic people, but speak French and completely do not understand English. Girls looking like Turkish, with long and curly hair, but speaking crystal clear English in a British accent. 

I was thinking that their language is similar to Russian and perhaps it would be easy for me, but it turned out that Romanian is a Romance language and it is closely related to French, Spanish and Portuguese. oops…

I explored the country of Dracula and witches as a country that strongly keeps its traditions and culture.

I had spent an amazing week in the highest town in Bucharest, at the mountain resort town called Predeal with nice people from all over EU member countries.  I have learned some French from  Amandin, came from Tuluz. I have tried many traditional foods of other countries, since everybody had to bring something to international evening. I, actually, did not bring  any food from Sweden, because of my stupor when i was a bit confused what to bring:) Anyway, later i bought some dried fruits in a local shopping place and was shocked by local prices 🙂

Cheap cabs everywhere, wherever you want to go! But still be careful with proclaiming that you are a traveller. «The prices can raise easily» — advice of local ones.

Last thing: I have never seen that many cats in my life than in one day in Bucharest!cats

There is a huge open-air ethnographic museum in Bucharest called «Village museum». It is a typical Romanian village that contains 272 houses from all over Romania! For me i did not really feel like i am at the «museum», the atmosphere of the village is like at the entertainment park, or it might even be a wonderland. Fun part of it is that every house has its own fat cat (!).

Below you can see some photos from the village museum. Enjoy! 

 4 houses